Research Services

Hiring a professional genealogist offers many advantages, including in-depth knowledge of record sets and resources which may provide evidence relevant to your research goal. A further value is the ability to correlate evidence and provide a coherent, written report which includes complete and accurate citations to all sources of information.​​

All Projects Include:

  1. A written agreement will identify the scope of the research project and any limitations on time or expense.
  2. After an initial consultation to determine research goals and needs, Thomas will review any previous research provided by the Client.
  3. A research plan is created, identifying a range of resources to be consulted, with an emphasis on high-quality, original source material.
  4. Sources are examined, carefully documented, and abstracted or transcribed.
  5. Evidence is analyzed and interpreted. Any conflicting evidence is resolved.
Rates & Fees
  1. Research Services (Unknown Parentage & DNA Cases)
    $35.00/hour, minimum of twenty (20) hours.
  2. Research Services (All Other Cases)
    $35.00/hour, minimum of ten (10) hours.
  3. Incidental Expenses
    Any charges relating to postage, photocopies, parking, long­-distance telephone calls, computer charges, microfilm rental, travel or other incidental expenses will be billed at cost.
  4. Record Retrieval
    A complete citation or reference to the document must be provided. Service available at select Massachusetts repositories. Please inquire for pricing.